The Secret Place Christian Fellowship

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We are a diverse group committed to being "real" seekers and followers of Jesus. We don’t pretend that our lives are perfect; we are real, imperfect people struggling on our journey through life just like most people! Most of us can probably say "been there, done that".  Everyone has a past and a story to tell (church folk call that testimony), but through the love of Jesus our lives have been transformed, and now we're here to "pay it forward". We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we know someone who does and we point the way to Him.

 ...Not Religious

We believe that a Christian life is to be lived daily, not just on Sundays, and not just in a church building.  We don't believe it is necessary to be religious to be a Christian fact...we'd rather not be.  What we do believe in though is relationship.  Relationship with Jesus and with each other.  The Bible is a great way to find out how to have relationship with Jesus and others so we're pretty big on that.  The Bible also tells us that having relationship with Jesus and with others begins with love.  So Love is a big deal here at the Secret Place...we could actually say that it is THE deal at the Secret Place.


We do some stuff here that is pretty common for a church; like praise and worship, sermons, communion, baptism and stuff like that.  We do offer some other stuff that not all churches do, like deliverance and healing, spontaneous worship, prophecy etc.


We're not about being divided over belief systems, we're about moving in the Holy Spirit.  To be honest that's not always popular and comfortable for everyone, so we allow a large amount of freedom here to worship in whatever way is comfortable for you.

...Spirit Led

So if you come here for a service, you will find a laid back and casual atmosphere, very much like a family.  Lately we've been worshipping to recorded music, some people will dance and wave flags and raise their hands, some will worship sitting quietly.  We have a little quiet time after worship to allow for the Holy Spirit to speak to us.  We have communion every week as well.  The pastor might even get to preach a sermon, depending on the move of the Spirit. Whatever's going on we like to have a good time in church. We can show you how that works...after all if it's not fun why would you want to do it? 

...Come and See for Yourself

We hope this gives you some insight into who we are. We realize not every church is suitable for every person. The best way to find out if we suit you is to come and check us out some evening. We look forward to meeting you!!