The Secret Place Christian Fellowship

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In the begining...

The Secret Place Christian Fellowship had its beginning in the Fall of 2005. In a small rented room on Welland Avenue in
St. Catharines, a small group gathered to praise the Lord and hear the Word of God. We werenít there long before we moved into the Pastorís home on Vine street, also in St. Catharines. Less than a year later in January 2007, we moved to 4501 Queen Street Niagara Falls, and then in August of 2009 we moved to our current location on Zimmerman Avenue also in Niagara Falls.

In a time of prayer and fasting the Lord gave us a vision of a healing centre. It was very specific and encompassed 7 different aspects of ministry:

Teaching in the Word, Bible studies and seminars
Wednesday and Sunday you can come out and hear an awesome message or participate in a bible study.†

2. Counselling, guidance and discipleship
We believe it is not enough to just lead a person to the Lord. We must stand along side of them and walk with them guiding and counselling as they learn to walk with Jesus.

3. Deliverance through casting out demons
The ministry of deliverance is overlooked in most churches. Without deliverance from oppressing spirits many people would not be able to live a life for Christ. This ministry is one that Jesus did while He was on earth and we believe we are to continue doing what He did.

4. Healing through prayer and the laying on of hands
This is another ministry often overlooked by churches, with people believing that sickness is Godís will. We believe we are walking in Godís kingdom NOW, and in His kingdom here on earth just like in heaven there is NO sickness, therefore we pray for the manifestation of physical healing.

5. Deeper intimacy with Christ through prayer soaking
Occasionally we spend some time†in quiet contemplation, being still knowing He is God; allowing soothing music to bring us into a place of intimacy with our Lord.

6. Fellowship, music and food
The Secret Place is BIG on Fellowship! We believe God wants us to be gathered with other like minded individuals, to strengthen, comfort and encourage one another.

7. Resources such as books and DVDís
We have a library and resource centre, which contains many Christian resources such as reference material, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, magazines, music CDís, movies, DVDís, etc.